Over the years, Berend has written over a hundred arrangement for Big Bands, Symphony Orchestras, Wind Bands, Choirs and more. Previous clients include the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Nederlands Studenten Jazz Orkest (2017-2023), the ArtEZ Pop Orchestra, Conservatorium of Amsterdam Tuesday Big Band, Conservatorium of Amsterdam Thursday Big Band, Utrechtse Studenten Bigband, Dutch Jazz Choir and the Studenten Bigband Nijmegen. He has worked with artists such as Bart van Lier, Jan van Duikeren and Seamus Blake. Berend is known for his tasteful approach of orchestration and fresh takes on well-known songs. Check out some arrangements on the Listen page!


Since 2016, Berend has been conducting large ensembles playing Jazz and Pop music. Over the years he has led hundreds of rehearsals and dozens of shows and projects. The sizes of the ensembles range between 10 and 50 musicians, and he is used to working with rhythm sections, woodwinds, brass, string instruments and vocals. He has been praised for his progressive vision and way of working with people. Berend is the conductor of the Studenten Bigband Nijmegen and the Nederlands Studenten Jazz Orkest 2023. Want to book him for a project or rehearsal? Go to the Contact page!


Next to writing and conducting music, Berend also plays music! He is proficient on the bass guitar and on keys. Groove and color is always the focus of his playing.

Mix Engineer

Berend has always had a passion for sound. By experimenting with DAWs and recording with friends in his young years, he developed a keen ear for production. Berend worked on many projects as mixing engineer and specializes in mixing large ensemble recordings. Check out some of his mixes (especially the EP ‘de Kleurplaat’) on the Listen page!