Here you will find some arrangements that I wrote and some mixes I made. If you are interested in playing one of these arrangements, do not hesitate to contact me! They arrangements can also be adjusted to fit the line up of your band or orchestra.

ArtEZ Poporkest feat. WØLF – Weak in the Knees

Studenten Bigband Nijmegen – De Kleurplaat (EP)

During the lockdown of 2020, the Studenten Bigband Nijmegen set out to make music together anyway! They built a recording booth and each musician was recorded separately to make the process Coronaproof! The process took over a week, but was thoroughly enjoyed by the people making it. Four songs were recorded and relased to YouTube and several streaming platforms. It is also available on CD, you can order it here. For this album, Berend wrote arrangements for Do You Ever Feel Like a Plastic Bag, Dance with Somebody and Desire and also did all of the audio engineering, production and mixing. The album was mastered by Dion Janssen.

Nederlands Studenten Jazz Orkest 2019 (NSJO) – Sir Duke

Nijmegen Fusion Orchestra – Tom Misch

Nederlands Studenten Jazz Orkest 2017 (NSJO) – Relight My Fire

This song was arranged by Berend van Deelen for the Dutch Student Jazz Orchestra in 2017 for their ‘Disco Inferno’ tour. Vocals are performed by Rafaella Payton and the band is led by saxophonist Allard Buwalda. During this project Berend participated in the NSJO Arrangers Masterclass: he received a masterclass from Bert Pfeiffer, and rehearsed/conducted the orchestra. A version of this arrangement for Big Band only is also available.

Studenten Bigband Nijmegen – Daft Punk Medley (Pentatonix Quarantaine Cover)

In 2020, during the Corona outbreak, the Studenten Bigband Nijmegen recorded this arrangement of Berend van Deelen of the Daft Punk Medley by the Pentatonix. The song is arranged for Big Band, additional strings and vocals. Everybody recorded their parts at home and the final recording was mixed by Berend. The video became popular in a short amount of time on YouTube and Facebook and was also featured on several news outlets and TV.

Studenten Bigband Nijmegen – Introduction to Poetry feat. Martin Fondse

In 2019, the Studenten Bigband Nijmegen collaborated with Martin Fondse, a jazz and contemporary music pianist, composer and arranger who won the prestigious Dutch Boy Edgar Prize in 2017. In this video, Introduction to Poetry, a composition by Martin Fondse is played. The project was conducted by Berend van Deelen and the audio in this video is also mixed by him.

Studenten Bigband Nijmegen + Nijmeegs Studentenorkest Collegium Musicum Carolinum – Sylva

In 2018, the Studenten Bigband Nijmegen collaborated with Nijmeegs Studentenorkest Collegium Musicum (a student Symphony orchestra) in order to play Sylva, the Grammy-award winning album by Snarky Puppy and the Metropole Orkest. All the arrangements were transcribed by ear and arranged by Berend van Deelen, except for The Clearing, which was done by Willem de Wit under supervision of Berend. You’ll find recordings here of Sintra, Flight and The Curtain, which are all mixed by Berend.

Dare to Doubt – Radboud University

In 2018 Berend was asked to write arrangements for the newly chosen Univerity Song of the Radboud University. In total, three versions where written, one for Symphony orchestra, one reharmonized fusion version for Big Band and one for a large group of students and employees of the Radboud University. In the video the performance of the latter is shown.

Studenten Bigband Nijmegen – Ases Dod

In 2019, the Studenten Bigband Nijmegen performed the reharmonized fusion ballad version of the work Ases Dod by Grieg, arranged by Berend van Deelen. It is a feature piece for Flugehorn and Euphonium, accompanied by Big Band.